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For enterprises looking for full control, Tirreno develops an On-Premises deployment that stores data within your organization's perimeter. The Cloud plan is perfect for startups and SMEs seeking scalability and flexibility. If you're uncertain, you can always evaluate Tirreno with a Free plan before making any commitments.

Enterprise Cloud Free
Minimal monthly fee Email Us €385 €0
API requests/month Custom 20k 1k
Each additional request Custom €0.05
User seats Unlimited 6 1
Security and compliance
Data retention Custom 3 mo. 1 mo.
GDPR compliant ⓘ + + +
Silent security ⓘ + + +
100% data control + + +
Enforced SAML SSO +
On-Premises ⓘ +
Public cloud ⓘ + +
ISO 27001 EU datacenter + +
Smart signals
User social profiles + + +
Email intelligence + + +
UA device data + + +
Disposable email + + +
Domain intelligence + + +
IP geolocation + + +
IP blacklist matching + + +
VPN/Datacenter detection + + +
Phone data enrichment + + +
Rule engine and user risk score
Single customer view ⓘ + + +
Dashboard with metrics + + +
Accounts Protection ⓘ + + +
No-code decision engine + + +
Manual query + +
Developer documentation + + +
Priority email support + +
Technical onboarding +
Email us Email us Email us

Frequently asked questions

Is Tirreno GDPR compliant?

Fraud prevention is a legal basis for processing data under the GDPR. When the Tirreno system is used for fraud detection purposes, no user consent is required. Any use outside of fraud detection needs to comply with GDPR user consent rules.

Where is Tirreno data stored?

We use certified data centers in Paris, France operated by Dassault Systèmes. For enterprise customers we can set up servers in additional locations or set up Tirreno on your premises.

How many requests do I need?

Tirreno works best if the server-side library is installed and runs for every logged-in user event on every page of your website.

Why is server-side event collection preferred over browser-based methods?

Only server-side event collection is reliable because browser data can't be trusted due to potential vulnerabilities like client-side manipulation. Whole process remains invisible to the user by applying behind-the-scenes technology to investigate and authenticate users in real time.

Does Tirreno provide KYC or ID verification?

Tirreno does not provide KYC or ID document verification, but it can contribute to filtering out fraudulent users before expensive ID or KYC verification.

How is API usage measured?

Customers are billed monthly based on API requests made over the billing period. Each successful request your application sends to any of Tirreno's APIs counts as one request. Our dashboard provides a real-time view of your usage.

What happens if I exceed my API request limit on the Demo Plan?

If you exceed your API request limit on the Demo plan, your access to the API will be temporarily suspended until the next billing cycle begins. To avoid disruption, consider upgrading to a Cloud plan.

Do unused API requests roll over to the next month?

No, unused API requests do not roll over. Your API request count resets at the beginning of each billing cycle.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your plan will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. For Enterprise plans, we can also arrange invoice payments.

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